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RainMachine Mini-8 vs Orbit B-hyve WiFi sprinkler system controller

If your house has WiFi network while you have a smart phone and would like to use smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller to save water and money, those devices can do the good job, such as RainMachine Mini-8 and Orbit 57950 B-hyve. The B-Hyve Sprinkler Timer is the cheapest and best smart controller on the market when you compare it to other 12-Zone controllers. Here is the list of their comparison to see the differents. Continue reading

Lono vs Rachio IRO vs RainMachine HD Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Homeowners are trying to make managing their homes easier and more efficient. The smart WiFi sprinkler controllers offer the intelligent and impactful solutions for tracking water usage to save Water and make healthy plants, such as Rachio IRO, RainMachine HD-12, and Lono Connected Smart Home Irrigation System. Here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

Orbit Watermaster vs RainBird Sprinkler System Timer with 12 zone

If you have a professional irrigation system installed at your house and the sprinkler system is broken into zones, a timer can help you accommodate many zones. The best products should come with with multiple programs function and is also affordable and simple, such as the Orbit Watermaster and RainBird timer. Let’s have a comparison with their spec and features to get the right one. Continue reading

RainMachine Mini-8 vs Blossom vs Rachio IRO Smart Wifi Irrigation Controller

I am looking for impressive solution for automation of home sprinkler system, and notice that a smart sprinkler controller offers the best way for use on my 8 valves system to evaluate the savings. There are plenty different systems balancing the pro and con for each ones on the market, such as RainMachine Mini-8, Rachio IRO and Blossom Self-Scheduling Sprinkler Irrigation. Here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

Koubachi vs PlantLink vs Parrot WiFi/Bluetooth Plant Sensor

Are you needing to feed information about your plant and its growing environment in garden on your smartphone and tablet? The plant sensors do the good job for monitoring your plant’s vitals and giving care advice. Those WiFi/Bluetooth plant sensors on the market make everyone a better gardener, including Koubachi, PlantLink and Parrot Flower Power, and here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading