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Heart rate tracking SMS Audio BioSport Earbud

Are you looking for a small extra wearable device to have a discreet heart rate monitor for training or running? The SMS Audio BioSport is a great option with proven accuracy and perfect music quality. It adds heart rate tech to headphones for reducing the associated weight and charging burden, and also offers a simple and cheap equipment to use heart rate tracker. Continue reading

Vacuum Cleaning Robot iRobot Roomba 650 vs 770 comparisons

If you are looking for an automated way to finish the boring task of cleaning floors while are busying with family obligations or work, the robot vacuum cleaners can resolve the problem to keep the floors at a basic level of cleanliness. There are two iRobot’s products with advanced cleaning head to pick up pet hair, dirt and dust, including the iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum and iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum models. Let’s have a look at their comparisons at dimensions, performance, features so you can choose the right one. Continue reading

Withings child-sized body scale tracks baby’s weight on iPhone/iPad

The doctor and nurse always measure the baby’s growth (weight, length, and head circumference) at checkup. If you want to record and track your infant’s weight on iOS devices by yourself, one of the popular child-sized body scale products named Withings Smart Kid Scale targets parents on the market to do the good job. Continue reading

Emergency contact Wearables Personal Emergency Response V.ALRT VSN400

If you live alone or spend time at home alone and sometime need to get help but can’t get to the telephone, a personal emergency response system known as PERS is useful to resolve the big problem. It provides you and your family members with peace of mind, and allows you to call for help with just pushing a button any time of the day or night. Some related products require monthly subscription fee and don’t support smartphone, and now the V.ALRT VSN400 Device with wearable technology is what you are looking for. Continue reading

Gaming device Nvidia Shield Tablet vs. Playstation Vita comparison

There are a lot of portable gaming systems on the market, such as 3DS, Shield, smart phone, tablet, and they are pretty different. On big versus, I put two of the game handhelds, the SHIELD Tablet and the Playstation Vita. If you are not sure which one should you buy, their comparison below helps make a decision for gaming on the go. Continue reading

QiStone+ Portable wireless charging station for Moto 360 and Galaxy S5

Most smartphones and smartwatchs like Motorola Moto 360 always deplete their battery within a day and Moto 360 charging dock station, so you’d better use a external battery or carry a portable charger is still on the road. If you don’t like to also carry another cable in your bag, the solution is to use FoneSalesman’s QiStone+ portable wireless charger to get extra hours juiced for your phone or other Qi-enabled devices. It just uses the Qi standard for charging wirelessly. Continue reading

Cheap Slingbox M1 TV streaming 1080p HD Integrated IR blaster and DVR

The satellite TV and traditional cable packages offer the live sports programming, but a lot of live streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN has a different selection of content without an upfront cost or installation. If you would like to have live sports streams online, the Sling Media Slingbox M1 can stream live and DVRed programs to the laptop, tablet, phone, or 2nd HDTV devices via an Internet connection. This is the most affordable place-shifting box yet for watching full 1080p high-definition movies, sports and TV shows remotely without any Monthly Fees. Continue reading