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HEPA Air Purifier Honeywell Airgenius 5 vs Airgenius 4 vs 3 AirCleaner/Odor Reducer

Are you looking for the best air purifier device for removing contaminants from the air in a room? Many consumers reports that the AirGenius Series by Honeywell is one of your choice. Those models include AirGenius 3 (HFD300), AirGenius 4 (HFD310) and AirGenius 5 (HFD320) and here is the list of their comparison for helping you see what is the different with them. Continue reading

iDevices HomeKit-Enabled Thermostat vs Nest Learning programmable Thermostat

The smart programmable thermostat can help you save money, customize to be the perfect temperature and also keep comfortable for you and your family in the house. The Ecobees, Honeywells and Nests are the high-end WiFi thermostat, while the iDevices Thermostat is perfect for those willing to wait for HomeKit and iDevices updates. Here is a list of their comparison and review. Continue reading

Roost Smart Battery Vs Nest Protect smart smoke Detector Comparison

The smart smoke detector can protect your home and will let you know about it with a high-pitched shrieking sound when there is smoke. There are two products on the market, such as the brand new Roost 9V Smart Battery and the Nest Protect smoke and CO2 detector, and these two stack up against one another. Here is the list of their pros and cons and comparison by tech for helping you choose which one is best for your home. Continue reading

Programmable Nest Learning vs Tado smart Thermostats

A new range of smart energy systems not only help us heat our houses more efficiently, but also save us lots of money. Tado Smart AC Control is the world’s first device to make any remote-controlled air conditioner smart, and brings Nest-like smart control to dumb air conditioners. Here is the list of the comparison between Nest and Tado Smart thermostat. Continue reading

netatmo thermostat vs Nest learning thermostat comparison

The smart thermostats and smart home heating systems became available to almost all homes for keeping you warm and saving you money. The self-install system Netatmo thermostat gives you to control your heating from your smartphone while Nest Learning is the only smart thermostat system incorporates a smart smoke detector. Let’s have a look at their comparison. Continue reading

Nest Learning vs Insteon vs Hive Wireless Thermostat comparison

Are you looking for improving your home with heat pumps, ventilation and general energy efficiency, and also offering greater control over how much heating you use? Those wireless thermostats give you the smart energy solution for that, including Nest, Hive, Insteon Thermostat. I compare them by spec and feature to see which you should buy. Continue reading