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Home energy monitor Solar Smappee save energy bill

The self-quantification gives you information and control in your life. If you would like to keep track of your electricity usage and save off your home energy bill and retails, the home energy monitor does the job well, such as Smappee Home Energy Monitor Solar. It uses clamps to go on the outside of the cable connected to your electricity meter for measuring total energy consumption and solar production, as well as send information to the Smappee App on smartphone via WiFi network. Continue reading

Linear GoControl Z-Wave Controller vs MyQ-Garage Automatic Garage Door Opener

Are you looking for a way to use your iOS or Android smartphone to remotely control your garage door with no monthly service charges? The Chamberlain MyQ Garage and the Linear GoControl GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage are the affordable smart garage-door openers and do the good job. They are working with mosts of your garage door and here is their comparison. Continue reading

iHome Siri HomeKit Smart Plug vs Samsung SmartThings Outlet

There are lots of app-controlled smart plugs like Belkin Wi-Fi enabled Insight switch and similar competing products on the home automation platform. But two devices are the perfect excuse to get into Home Automation, including iHome Siri-controlled HomeKit Smart Plug and the Samsung SmartThings Outlet. Here is the review and their comparison. Continue reading

Philips vs OSRAM vs OORT ZigBee/Bluetooth smart Lighting LED bulbs

The smart LED bulb is a standard, screw-in light bulb that is insided a full array of colored LEDs along with a simple wireless radio. Some wireless LED light bulbs bring hue to life and allow you to control lighting from your iOS and Android smartphone, such as Philips 426361 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Bulb, OSRAM 73674 Lightify Smart Connected Lighting LED Tunable A19 Bulb, and OORT SmartLED Bluetooth Smart Bulb. Here is the list of their comparison by specs and features. Continue reading

LIFX WiFi Bulbs vs Ilumi Bluetooth smart LED light Bulbs

Philips Hue is widely pointed to as the first domino in the lighting of connected home space. However, there are also several smart lightbulbs that can change color, and react to an app without requiring Hub, such as LIFX Original A21 and ilumi ML2101W A21 Color Tunable LED Smart bulb. Those products really give users the complete lighting control to transform their space into a place flexibly, efficiently and simplify. Let’s take a look at their comparison. Continue reading

Wink Relay smart home Wall Controller multi-touch screen and light switches

To control and manage a wide range of gadgets working with dealer-installed smart-home systems, such as thermostats, smart light, door locks, switches and security cameras, you’d better get a wall-mounted panel device with a flashy LCD to control them, even when they’re switched off. Now the startup Quirky, in partnership with GE, introduced the DIY-friendly Wink Relay controller Wink Relay to resolve the problem. Continue reading

WiFi smart-home power plug Belkin WeMo insight switch vs Original switch

The Belkin WeMo family of power-tracking home-automation tools have the original WeMo and a new member WeMo Insight Switch which is skinnier and smarter. Both of them offers a smiple way to remotely control appliances, no matter you are inside the home or outside it. Now let’s have a look at Belkin’s pair of smart plugs comparison. Continue reading