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How to Receive Email/Facebook App Notifications on Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch is Samsung-only device compatibility with a few apps supported. By default it only displays message and call notifications from your phone on the small screen. If you want to extend the feature to receive the notifications of third-party apps such as Facebook, Email, Android Wear on your watch, here is the step by step tutorial for that. Continue reading

How to install/uninstall Apps on Samsung Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch has limited storage for putting a few apps onto the device, and is only compatible with a handful of Samsung branded smartphones. If you need to free up or reserve the space, the good way is to remove the unnecessary apps like Easily Do. Here is the tutorial for that and it requires to be done on your paired phone. Continue reading

How to hard reset LG G Watch to factory settings

The respectable Android Wear-powered LG G Watch is cheaper than the Apple Watch and gives users better expensive. However, if you broke its system to be running slower than normal, unresponsive, or has an app that is not working properly, the easy way is to erases all of your data (like purchased apps from your accounts) and reset its settings back to factory setting and start from scratch. A soft reset is to do a reboot and this is hard reset and it really helps you fix many issues, even if you want to sell your device. Continue reading