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Wireless smart light bulb GE Link vs TCP Connected vs Misfit vs Philips Hue vs LIFX Comparison

Are you looking for a way to replace a few bulbs with smart home lighting Bulbs for turning into home automation in your house? There are many brands and I pick up those products, including Philips Hue, LIFX, GE Link, TCP Connected and Misfit Bolt smart light bulbs. Here is the list of their comparison to see what is the different. Continue reading

VeraPlus vs VeraEdge vs Vera Lite z-wave home automation controller

The Vera smart home controllers come with many models, such as VeraEdge and Vera Lite and Vera finally announced the imminent release of a new model the Vera Plus which is the world’s most compatible home controller. You might be interested in investing in any of them and are not sure which is best and what are the Key Differences. Here is the list of their technical specs comparison to help you pck up the right one. Continue reading

Neurio vs smappee Home Energy Monitor review

Are you wanting to track how much electricity various devices in your home and monitor their consumption to help you save money on your electric bill? Those intelligent energy monitoring systems can help you resolve the problem, such as neurio and smappee. They are coming with similar products and keep tabs on individual devices and appliances in your home, but there are also some differents. Continue reading

Belkin WeMo Maker and Insight switch smart home kit

If there are full of smart gadgets in your house, it might be not really a smart home because you need to have the way to make those gadgets to talk to each other and make smart decisions. Now the Belkin WeMo Maker smart home kit can help you easily integrate practically them into your smart home and opens WeMo Platform to Makers on DIY Projects. You just need to connect lots of smart devices to wifi network at home, and then are able to use your Apple iOS or Android smartphone/tablet to control them. Continue reading

Lutron Caseta Bridge vs INSTEON Hub Pro Wireless Homekit Siri hubs

Apple recently launched HomeKit-enabled home automation platform to enable consumers to build out a smart home. Homekit technology allows user to use voice assistance Siri to command and control electronic smart devices with just your voice. Two HomeKit hubs have reached the market for home management, including Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro and Insteon’s Insteon 2243-222 Hub Pro. Continue reading

Ube U1000 smart WiFi Dimmer Control Lights on smartphone review

Are you wanting a smart device to let you control incandescent dimmable LED and dimmable CFL bulbs from your smartphone while you are home or away, and also measures your electricity usage and save energy? The Ube U1000 Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer gives you the effective way to remotely control lights, such as configure custom lighting scenes to fit your mood, turn it on before you get home, and see its status. It is a major convenience to make the switch to the smart Home. Continue reading

NEEO thinking smart remote controls light/TV/thermostat

Your home entertainment and automation devices may have multiplied in living rooms, so you need diverse abundance of remotes to control them.To consolidate all your remotes in one place, universal remotes are attempting to resolve the problem and NEEO smart home automation system does the job well. It offers the simplest way to connect and take control of your TV, lighting, heating and others in your home. Continue reading