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Omron vs Microlife Best Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor comparison

If you are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, doctors and American Heart Association (AHA) recommend use Blood Pressure Monitor to take readings at home to keep your hypertension in check everyday. The blood pressure monitor should has the most accurate and is ease of use, as well as the cheap price for saving money. Two home monitors are one of the best products, including Omron, Microlife and here is their review and comparison. Continue reading

LogicMark vs Lifelink Prodigy Medical Alert Systems no Monthly Fee

Those older members of society want to keep their independence, and is tied to a traditional “life alert” system, and don’t want to pay money to access the call monitoring service center manned by professional emergency technicians, using a medical alert system that do not require you to pay a monthly fee is the best choice. When the person is wearing an alert device and become incapacitated, the systems can quickly connect the senior to alternative or 911. The Top Brands or Models of No Monthly Fee Systems include LogicMark and Lifelink Prodigy and here is their comparison Continue reading

QardioArm vs Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor comparison

Preventive measures is one of the best ways to avoid future health concerns. If you would like to diagnose with high blood pressure (hypertension) at home and also keep track of your readings, the wireless blood pressure monitor can do the job well. There are some products on the market, such as QardioArm and Withings and here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

Best no-fee medical Alert Monitoring System LogicMark Freedom

When you are at home in the yard or outside, the emergencies can happen frequently. The Medical Alert Monitoring Systems offer the reliable safety and security way for you and your family when it is most critical, but most of them require the ongoing payments, contracts and monthly fees. If you are looking for no-fee medical alerts product, The LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Alert System is the best in class. Perfect for users who don’t want older family member to talk with a central call location. Continue reading

Best wireless/wired home blood pressure monitors for iOS/Android

If you need to keep tabs on your health but don’t want to be taken your blood pressure at the doctors, a home monitor can take away your stress for that. The best way is to use the connected blood pressure monitor at home, so you are able to record the blood pressure quickly in a handy app and then show your doctor the results. Here are the products you should get one of them. Continue reading

Best WiFi Smart Scale fitbit aria vs withings body analyzer comparison

The electronic scale is a great tool for tracking many aspects of your overall health, and it is perfect to help you lose weight and stay fit. Now many products have got the addition of WiFi, scales can communicate with the app and website. Now let’s have a look at the full comparison of both the Withings body analyzer and Fitbit Aria. Continue reading