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WiFi Router Starry Station Touchscreen vs Eero WiFi System

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art WiFi system which creates a seamless Wi-Fi network and also covers a large area with reliable Internet access? The newest products are the Eero WiFi System and Google OnHub and they do the job well. The Starry Station is a stylish, triangular router that is user-friendly and offers the better network performance to get blazing-fast WiFi. I pick up the Starry Station and Eero WiFi System. Here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

WeBoost Eqo vs. WeBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster for any carrier

The cellular connection is not always the best while there are too many dead zones in your house. Sometimes you might get only one bar of signal and face the problem such as dropping calls, sick of horrible voice quality when calls fade in and out, and slow internet speed. If you are looking for a cheap signal booster for home to fill in any gaps of coverage from the outside, the weBoost eqo do the job with quick installation and the easiest solution. Continue reading

Alexa-Enabled Amazon Echo vs Amazon Tap vs Echo Dot What’s the Difference

Amazon has three Alexa voice assistant devices including Amazon Echo , Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. They doubles as your personal, and suports the cloud-based assistant Alexa. If you are confused about all the new voice assistant gadgets and has the question about what’s the difference Between the Amazon Echo, Tap and Echo Dot, here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

DIY imax home cinema jmGO G1 smart 3D 1080p projector

Many people would like to build a home theater and get your own imax home cinema at home, so they could get the trial experience to watch a movie or play vodei game with family on the weekends with a more than 50-inches screen and Hi-Fi surround sound. The jmGO G1 smart projector help you resolve the problem, without having to buy the traditional expensive HD TV set and audio system. This is a 3D HD projector with Bluetooth audio. Continue reading

LulzBot Mini vs TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer comparison

The LulzBot Mini is a reliable 3D printer which is amazingly easy to set up and use for beginers and also offers a great price. The LulzBot TAZ 5 is a versatile, high performance desktop 3D printer for industrial users and is quite a bit different than the LulzBot Mini model. There are open source platform for allowing you to print your own parts for upgrades and modifications, and here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading

Google OnHub vs Asus RT-AC5300 Dual Band WiFi Router

Asus has touted spider-like RT-AC5300 tri-band router which offers home users a faster Wi-Fi speed cap of up to 600Mbps and comes with some fantastic features such as improve securityand experience of your network. The Google OnHub Dual-Band Wireless-AC Gigabit Router is made for smart home. Both of them are high quality, good-performing routers and here is the list of their comparison. Continue reading