WiFi Router Starry Station Touchscreen vs Eero WiFi System

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art WiFi system which creates a seamless Wi-Fi network and also covers a large area with reliable Internet access? The newest products are the Eero WiFi System and Google OnHub and they do the job well. The Starry Station is a stylish, triangular router that is user-friendly and offers the better network performance to get blazing-fast WiFi. I pick up the Starry Station and Eero WiFi System. Here is the list of their comparison.

Starry Station vs Eero Home WiFi System mesh-network routers comparison
The Eero Home WiFi System review
Eero WiFi system uses multiple routers to provide complete wireless coverage in your home. Many homeowners face WiFi problems and Eero can covers a large area with reliable Internet access for resolve that.
It is a dual-band router based on the 802.11ac standard. You are able to setup one pack as a router. It is used for the AP to AP communication and extend the network’s range quickly.
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The Starry Station Touchscreen WiFi Router review
The Starry Starry Station Wireless-AC Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router is a 3.8-inch Touchscreen WiFi Router which is easy to use as programming your alarm clock. If you are advanced users who need to have browser-based controls and meticulous network setup options with router, Starry Station help you make setting up and manage the device simple and easy with those networking terminology such as WAN, LAN, SSID, DNS, 802.11ac and MIMO.
The Starry Wi-Fi Station comes with a unique design (a speaker and a mic for voice-command features), as well as supports the dual-band quad-stream setup of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard,. After you connect it to an Internet source like a broadband modem), it will share the connection for other multiple wireless devices and let you monitor them effortlessly.
A 3.8-inch touchscreen is on its front and displays many useful informations, such as currently connected devices, network health score, and Wi-Fi network name and password. You are also able to tap or swipe it for both the initial setup process and ongoing management of the router.
There are only two network ports On the back, including Internet connection (WAN), and one wired client (LAN).
Its app works on Android or iOS devices for managing the Starry router.
As a “Internet of Things”-ready device, Starry features home automation wireless standards like ZigBee.
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