Petcube vs Pawbo vs Petzi Remote WiFi Pet Camera Pet Monitor System

When you are at work and leave your pet alone at home, you might be worry about your dog or cat. The samrt Pet Camera can help you resolve the problem while it offers lots of functions to interact with your dog or cat if you are out, such as 24/7 live video streaming and Voice compatibility. The Petcube, Pawbo and Petzi are the best Pet Monitor System and here is a list of their comparison.

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Petcube vs Pawbo vs Petzi Remote WiFi Pet Camera Pet Monitor System comparison

Device name Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera Pawbo WiFi Pet Camera Petzi treat camera
Dimensions It measures 4 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds. It is much smaller than other products online. It only take up less space on the shelf.   8 x 5 x 8
Design This is a truly innovative pet camera. The aluminum housing with a non-slip bottom surface.
On its front, three functioning pieces are on the black screen: 138 degree wide angle camera lens at top, laser pointer game without scaring off your dogs or cats in the middle, the LED status indicator illuminates on the bottom.
On its back, there are a start button, a microphone speaker, and a micro USB port for power.
The camera is made of plastic with a glossy appearance and feels well made. It also comes with a rear mounted speaker.
On its front, two led lights near the camera lens indicate power and activity. And there are a power cord, reset button, and WPS button on its black.
The camera is in the middle of the device and the speaker is at the bottom. It has rounded edges and flat backside, so you can mount it on the wall without chew or destroy the prominent areas.
Installation and Setup Plug the camera in, install the app on your iPhone or Android, and follow the instructions to finish it. The process is a breeze. Plug the Pawbo in, follow the app to do the few additional steps, configre a password and then that is all. Plug in the Petzi Treat camera, fill it with treats, use the app to pair the camera to your WiFi internet connection. It only takes you minutes to finish it.
Video Quality The camera streams 720p HD video with a 138° degree wide angle supported. But it lacks of night vision. Pawbo camera is a 720p front-facing device with a 110 degree wide-angle lens. You can save Video recordings and snapshots directly to Dropbox. The Petzi video camera streams a 720p HD wide angle lens in 30fps. The video is not HD, but it has night vision.
Sound Quality Petcube offers an emotional connection. With the two-way microphone and speaker, you can hear your pets as well as they hear you. Within the app, click the microphone to talk to your pet through the speaker, or increase or decrease the sound level in the setting. By default the voice quality and volume is very low. You can access the setting in app to changed the volume level.
Laser Pointer Interactive Game Pawbo and Petcube both include an interactive game for let you play with your cats and dogs by controling the laser from your smartphone or set it on automatic. No
Apple Watch Petcube is working with Apple Watch. This is the first pet camera compatible with smart watches. No No
The Social Sharing within app
The Social Sharing feature allows you snap a picture of your dog or cat to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly from app.
Treat Dispenser No Easily pull Pawbo’s treat dispenser out from the bottom half of the camera. You can controll the treat dispensers via the app. Removing the outer white cover to access the Petzi treat dispenser
Others No Treat Dispenser and No Night Vision. No Motion Alerts and No Night Vision. However, it doesn’t support Motion Alerts.
Where to buy Order Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera. Order Pawbo WiFi Pet Camera. Order Petzi treat camera