How to Receive Email/Facebook App Notifications on Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch is Samsung-only device compatibility with a few apps supported. By default it only displays message and call notifications from your phone on the small screen. If you want to extend the feature to receive the notifications of third-party apps such as Facebook, Email, Android Wear on your watch, here is the step by step tutorial for that.

How to Receive Email/Facebook/twitter App Notifications on Samsung Gear 2
* Make sure your phone has installed the latest version Gear Manager app.
* Enable Access to Notifications for All Apps.
On your smartphone, tap the Settings icon from the app drawer > System section > Security option.
Go into “Notification access” option, and check the “Gear Manager” box to get the permission.
* Choose the Apps you want to display for Notifications
Pair the watch to the phone via Bluetooth, and launch the Gear Manager app.
Tap the Notifications option, and you should see a list of all the apps which can send notifications from your phone. Now choose the apps you want, check the box next to it, and save the changes to apply it.