How to hard reset LG G Watch to factory settings

The respectable Android Wear-powered LG G Watch is cheaper than the Apple Watch and gives users better expensive. However, if you broke its system to be running slower than normal, unresponsive, or has an app that is not working properly, the easy way is to erases all of your data (like purchased apps from your accounts) and reset its settings back to factory setting and start from scratch. A soft reset is to do a reboot and this is hard reset and it really helps you fix many issues, even if you want to sell your device.

How to perform hard Reset on LG G Watch to factory settings

* Simply tap on the touch screen of your smart watch, and you will see the Google Now Voice Prompt.
* Scroll up the arrow to bring up a list options. Tap on Settings, and Reset device.
* It will ask are you sure to do that and there is without the point of return, and tap the check mark to confirm it to erased everything. Then your LG G Watch will reboot itself to apply all changes. You need to uninstall and re-install the Android Wear app on your companion Android 4.3+ smartphone to repair it and finish the normal setup process.